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Let’s get you ready for your skydives! Our Skydiver Training Program includes 18 levels. Each level is one skydive, and if you complete all of the learning objectives on that skydive, you will pass that level and move on to the next. If you need more practice with any of those skills, you may need to repeat that level before moving on.

Each dive flow’s online training will show you a video of the objectives for that level and how to accomplish them, followed by a quiz. You will need to have 100% correct answers before doing that skydive, but you may retake the questions you miss until you achieve 100%. Next step: SKYDIVE!

Please plan to skydive within two weeks of passing each quiz! If you can’t make it out within two weeks or weather doesn’t cooperate, you may need to retake the quiz. (At least the quizzes are short!)

Bring the certificate for your completed dive flow quiz to the drop zone with you, either printed or ready to show on your phone or tablet. Check in with manifest to connect with your instructor, who will review the topics for that level and do any necessary ground practice before your skydive.

Note: We strongly suggest that you don’t get ahead of yourself on the dive flow materials and quizzes, because some things will change for you as you go through the levels. Thus, studying later dive flows than you will be completing next may only confuse things.

Have a great time learning to FLY and please reach out to our chief instructors with any questions!